The Staycation

I feel like most of you could relate to this statement… I need a vacation. No matter what you do for a living we always seem to want to get away even just for a change of scenery. Sometimes it’s just not always convenient to just get up fly across the country. So, my fiance and I like to take advantage of living so close to such a popular tourist destination as often as we can.

This weekend we decided to take a trip down to Huntington Beach, Calif. for some brunch by the beach. Our favorite is Watertable at The Hyatt. They have a great menu full of unique options but they also offer a buffet for those who prefer a more traditional breakfast. My favorite is the Zesty Lemon-Blueberry Pancakes. they have a touch of lemon and are servred with honeycomb butter… worth every bite! My fiance gets the buffet and usually has a seasonal side, something sweet plus all the traditional breakfast foods, including an omelet bar! The waiter usually lets me get eggs from the buffet so not to charge me for the extra side.

My one warning… the coffee is strong! I drink it black so I usually ask for hot water on the side to dilute it down (yes, it’s that strong!).

We particularly love this place because of the beautiful outdoor seating. You can see the beach from the restaurant. It’s nice to sit around and enjoy breakfast with the other guests. It makes it feel like we are on vacation as well.

I took advantage of the beautiful weather to grab a few shots to share on the blog.

Check out the menu here and let me know what you think would be your fave dish!


What I’m wearing:

Sandals – Tkees here

Shorts – Levi’s (I cut old 501s into shorts)

Hat – Lack of Color (mine is sold out but a similar one here)

Shirt  – Universal Tread via Target here

Bag – Louis Vuitton here

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